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Barkin’ in the Park

Hi humans, Bell here! Today my parents and I got to go the park for the third day in a row! I think they might be feeling guilty about something because mom keeps saying I’m going to be going under tomorrow, but I don’t know what that means. Who cares, fresh air! Woof! I got to smell so many things today and couldn’t wait to share with y’all! I am almost mad at myself for having such a small bladder though. And mom was saying I should get out more because we had to keep stopping so I could mark my territory, even though all that would come out were a few drops. Guess what? I got to see my parents get on these giant metal dog toys they called monkey bars. I don’t know why, I didn’t see any monkeys around. While my mom and dad were playing on the bar things I cooled off under a tree with my nifty, collapsible water bowl that my parents brought on their camel’s back. Oh! I also got to scare a bunch of people who came too close to my parents. They were so proud that they kept cheering my name. Then on the way back, we found a snake! My mom chanted something like, “red touch yellow, kills a fellow.” It was the first time any of us had been that close to a venomous snake! It was a Coral snake (in case anyone was wondering). Dad was shocked at how aggressive the snake was. Every time he got close to the snake it turned in his direction and slithered closer to dad. It was frightening! Anyway, we got back to the apartment and had a delicious dinner. Mom made chicken quesadillas. They always share with me, but just the chicken. They say that cheese makes me gassy but I don’t complain, the chicken is my favorite part anyway. Well, I’m getting sleepy and mom says I have somewhere to be between 7 and 8 tomorrow morning. Goodnight everyone!

Smart Gardens for Modern Living

I want to share an herb gardening solution for those apartment dwellers out there. This product is great for anyone really, but for those of you who live in apartments, like myself, this is especially handy. Mostly because you know how difficult it is to have a wide array of fresh herbs growing in your home when you have such a confined area of living, as most apartments have minimal to no outside space. This product was actually a gift given to me by my sister-in-law (who knows how I deeply appreciate cooking with fresh herbs). I had never heard of this before receiving it as a gift so I figured many of you probably haven’t heard of it either. The product is called Click and Grow and it has quickly become one of my favorite kitchen utensils. It is so easy to use and fast! In no time, you will have fragrant herbs spouting out of their pods. I think it took ours only three days before we started to see little leaves emerging from the soil. Which is a huge achievement for someone like me who can’t even manage keep a cactus alive.

The garden is so simple and best of all, no mess. It includes everything you need in the “Smart Pot”. This thoughtful and innovative pot is made up of a water reservoir, a light and three plant pods. The reservoir can hold a month’s supply of water and has an indicator to notify you when the reservoir needs more water and how much water is needed. That in itself is super convenient! A power cord stems from the water reservoir for the light. The pot also has a built-in timer to turn the light on and off. The timer is automatically set for the light to be on sixteen hours and off eight hours for optimal plant growth. Although, the light stays on quite a bit of time, the bulbs are LED so we really haven’t noticed an increase in our electricity bill. They also recommend downloading the click and grow app, but we never did and ours works perfect. I find the simpler a product is the better, our lives are busy enough as it is and as much as I wish I had time to tend to an actual garden that just isn’t the case. Another plus is that the Smart Pot already comes with three basil pods. I love that the company isn’t trying to nickel and dime customers for their products. You can always transplant the basil into another pot and buy plant refills if you want to grow something different, but if you just want to grow basil you don’t have to shovel out any more money. Another thing I’ve learned from experience before I owned the click and grow pot, I have found that basil is a little easier to maintain outside compared to other herbs. A few years back I had planted basil, lavender, spearmint and lemon balm together in an herb trough and set it on my back porch. Then a pretty severe thunderstorm blew in and needless to say all of my potted plants morphed into mini swamp lands. Days later when the sun came back I decided to check out the state of the plants and was surprised to find the basil still pushing through. It was the only plant that survived the wreckage. So if you do decide to transplant the basil, and get something else rest assured knowing basil is tougher than other herbs. The cool thing is the garden not only allows you to grow fresh herbs, but fruits and flowers too with absolutely no effort. Bonus! I love the simplicity of this product. All I need to do is plug it in, fill the tank, and the garden will take care of the rest. Gardening doesn’t get any easier than that.

Another plus is the Smart Soil technology which contains no pesticides, plant hormones, or any other harmful substances and will help your plants grow faster and more nutritious. Afterall… You are what you eat.

The only con I’ve found with this pot is when the power goes out the internal timer resets itself so the light will come back on and start over as if it had just come back on after being off for eight hours, but I really don’t mind that.

I know a lot of apartments also tend to have minimal counter space so for those of you with that dilemma they carry “Wall Farms”. You’ve probably already guessed those ones hang on the wall. I hope if any of you do decide to buy one of these products you enjoy it just as much as I have.

I do want to mention that I was in no way sponsored by click and grow to write this post. I am just thankful that a company has finally given me the power to have a green thumb.

Thanks everyone for reading!

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